In her book, Gorgeous, which is a collection of recipes and conversations with India's top models, Shvetha addresses the importance of fitness, well-being and delicious food. In the quest to look their best, models live a life of balance, discipline and fun that we can all take a leaf out of. Balance is something we all need although we need to find the balance that works specifically for us. No fads. No one size fits all.

“The pleasure I get from diving into foods that I enjoy far outweights the rewards of the quest for perfection.What is real is this -
If we weave in fitness and a positive outlook into the texture of our everyday lives, eating what makes us feel happy is possible.”

A deliciously easy Assamese fish curry from model turned actor Dipannita Sharma Atwal, lentil pancakes from Nethra Raghuraman’s South Indian collection, delectable sponge cake by model turned baker Uma Blacher, a fail proof recipe that Priyanka Chopra makes when she is at home alone and many more are included in this unique collection of recipes and conversations. You will discover the joys of using coconut milk, cold pressed oils, freshly ground spices and the benefits of eating foods that you relished when you were a child. If you thought models were on an eternal diet of carrot sticks, you will be surprised and motivated by what you will discover. In the quest to look their best, models do gorge, but they gorge smartly and so can we all so that life is as it should be- infused with flavour and fun!